And all that Jazz...

Bluesy Turquoise Teal
I'm Bluesy. Blue. Lucky. Unique. Exquisite. Sweet. Yay!

Blue: It's an awesome color, all sorts of blues, merging into blue greens and violet blues. light or dark, its all good. I'm rarely sad, but when i'm not being hyper, i'm a mellow, rational person who loves being outside in nature and spending time by herself.

Lucky: I don't often think about how lucky i am in life. I have two loving parents, a warm and happy home, a wonderful private highschool where i have friends who love me and care about me, as well as friends outside of school who love me just as much (or MORE). I have a laptop, cellphone, and an ipod, three essential/top notch electronics. Not to mention a whole closet full of beloved clothes. I'm a labeled "talented and gifted" kid, so i'll have no problem in life academically. I have a bright future.

Unique: Not everyone has my hair, my smile, my eyes, my easy going personality, my talents; no one is me, but me! :D

Exsquisite: !

Sweet: cake, chocolate, succulent fruits of the summer, sugar. the best things in the world, but pretty much the least healthy things in the world. soccer season through the summer allows for only mass amounts of fruit, and rare bites of cake and chocolate. sad, but probably a good thing.

Yay!: life is a treat, live it to the fullest!!!


Bluesy Turquoise Teal